24K Gold Eye Mask

This new 24K gold mask golden crystal collagen eye masks gold powder eye masks anti-aging hyaluronic acid night mask can be used on all skin types. This eye care ensures that your eyes will look beautiful, its formulated with pure gold bio ingredients and active elements which instantly moisturizes, rehydrates and regenerates your eye area. This bio mask is formulated to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, crow-feet lines around the eye area, which minimizes the appearance of under eye bags and it also fades dark circles tremendously! This collagen under eye mask gives you better blood circulation around the eye tissues and also improves elasticity and firmness. 1)Before you apply the collagen eye mask wash your face and eyes with warm water. 2) open the packet and take out the mask and apply under your eye area 3) gently press the mask to create a snug fit and leave it on for 15-20 minutes 4) remove the mask and clean with just water.. This product is recommended for all skin types and best time to use this eye mask is before sleep or during rest... This product can be used everyday or at least once a week for better and faster results.